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Hawaii Music awards Japan ハワイミュージックアワード

'Hawaii Music Awards Japan', coming soon!!

We have just established our organizing committee of 'Hawaii Music Awards Japan', and will start our first opening reception ceremony in this coming September 2015.
Hawaii music awards Japan -- 'H.M.A.J.' is organized for the purpose of developing and recognizing our own musical culture, with honor and respects for the historical heritage of Japanese-Hawaiian-music given till today. By awarding the best Hawaiian recording artist in Japan with an annual awards event starting in 2015, we are sharing our appreciation and enjoyment of Hawaiian music by the Japanese people, for the Japanese people and even sharing our music with the whole world.

The original Hawaii Music Awards -- H.M.A. was established by Johnny Kai in 1996 and continued for fifteen years until 2011.
'Johnny Kai productions' legally transferred its copy right of H.M.A. to Kohnoike Productions, to own renew projects under the name of H.M.A.J.( June 2013.)
Kohnoike Productions has organized HMAJ, after two years preparation.

President:Kaoru Kohnoike
Honorary chairman:Johnny Kai: former producer of Hawaii Music Awards.
organisation: Hawaii Music Awards Japan Membership
The head of Magazine Publishers, Record Companies,etc..

●Nomination and entry

In nomination, all the tunes must be 'Hawaiian music' or about Hawaii and have copyright or legal license agreement of recording and releasing in Japan.
The CDs of which the main recording artist must be a Japanese citizen.
Japanese recording artist with current citizenship living outside of Japan also may submit their CDs to Hawaii Music Awards Japan for approval.
If the CD includes 'Meles', (lyrics), the main languages must be either Japanese, English, or Hawaiian.
Or, the main instruments must be Hawaiian in nature to include ukulele, steel guitar, slack key guitar..etc.
CDs for the nomination must have more than 5 tunes in, except 'Omnibus albums' -- CDs of gathered recordings are not available.
CDs released public in the previous year.

Only the ones who recorded or whose production company can enter, by himself/herself.


The deadline of the entry is August 15th. 2015.
With info of your address, phone-number, email address hand in three CDs at :
Hawaii Music awards Japan
3-2-5,5F, Friend building takadanobaba, shinjuku Tokyo Japan, 1690075,
email: info@kohnoike.jp

All entries will be notified no later than 30 days after being received.

Only internet votings by people will choose the winner.

August 20th,
Introducing one song out of the nominated CD, which will be on our website to be listened to by people, to choose and vote. Each email address can vote for one time.

Close voting on September 12th. (sat), 0:00am.
The most voted CD wins.

Reception ceremony
'The 1st. Annual Hawaii Music awards Japan'
Date:September 26th. 2015
Place:TACT, Ginza Tokyo
Entrance Fee:8,000yen(Including drinks, dinner taxes)
Dress code:formal
The winner will be announced at this reception ceremony.
| アネラ ブログ / Anella Blog |

ハワイアン シンガー Anella アネラ

Author:ハワイアン シンガー Anella アネラ
『第一回ハワイ・ミュージック・アワード・ジャパン』(HMAJ)2015日本ハワイアン アルバム最優秀賞。
ナホク ハノハノ アワード最優秀アルバム賞ファイナリスト。
'Hawaii Music Awards' winner.
アネラ ソロ アルバム第2作”Anella"好評発売中。
■職業/ハワイアン歌手 ミュージシャン、ウクレレ奏者、プロデューサー、声優、司会
■レッスン/カイノア ミュージック アカデミー講師として関東中心にウクレレ&ハワイアン・ヴォーカルを指導中
■レディオ湘南「ざいつきげんの音楽鍋」FM83.1MHz 19:00~20:00 2006年4月~2007年3月まで出演
■CD/ラッツパック レコードより発売中
・鴻池 薫ソロCD「カイノア~きらめく海を見つめて」2000年作
・鴻池薫フィーチャリング「カイノア ソウル フレンズ」2002年作
■アネラ ソロCD「天使の住む島/アネラ」(SPIRIT OF J LABEL SJCD-0001)
・2005年9月作。『ハワイ ミュージック アワード2006』で『インターナショナル ハワイアン アルバム賞』グランプリ受賞。
・セカンド アルバム『Anella』で『ナ ホク ハノハノ アワード(Na Hoku Hanohano Awards)2015』最優秀アルバム賞ファイナリストに選ばれ、同年『第一回Hawaii Music Awards Japan』にて2015年 日本ハワイアン アルバム最優秀賞グランプリに輝く。




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