2009.01.21 Wed
The other day I had a surprise from Holland.

It was a New-year-card from my dear old friend who used to live in Tokyo about 15 years ago (or even more).

He was a ryugaku-sei of Taisho university at that time ; such a smart student as to win a scholarship from Monbu-shou!

I was a high school girl then.

We met each other at a temple in a small village (where I used to live since I was born) for the first time,by my father's introduction, and it didn't take too long till we became friends.

After sharing a few holidays in my home-town together, he left for Tokyo to finish his marter's thesis -- 修士論文.

So we started exchanging letters with each other soon.

As being pen-pals,we still kept on sharing the wonderful friendship.

I did not remember how long we lasted for.

A few years ago,-- of course after a long-long time since we lost contact,I happened to find his old letters given to me, and his address written on them.
(BTW I even found also some letters,that I had finished writing but were never sent to him...)

Although I realized how much I had lost,it was too late.
For I was quite sure he had already moved to somewhere else then.
Maybe to Holland,could be to America, I had no idea at all.

I thought I would never get in touch with him again...

It was all too sudden that he came back into my life.

He also happened to find my old letters a few weeks before the new year's eve, and it occured to him to send this new-year-card to the address of my home-town.

That turned out to be right.

Thanks to my mom's surefire nature,I finally got the card about 2 weeks after he had sent it.

How marvelous it was for me to hear,that he has already done through with all his degrees and now teaches in a university!
I am so proud of him!

Now that we are back in touch again, we have started to enjoy filling up the blank period of all these years that we have missed, with this new way of writing,-- emails!

Time has passed,we have got older,and the entire world has made so many incredible changes.

But memories themselves never change.
It is always us who change.

What changes have I made? Are they good changes?

-- to answer these indispensable questions,I need a right clue who leads me back to my memories together.

And this surprise whom I had the other day, would probably be the right one...
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